From infancy to maturity we are here every step of the way


We assist with site selection, wash layout, design, and more


Picking installers, builders, equipment, and more


From day one we define your brand, then help it thrive. We build your website, social media, pages, and more.


On site and hands on training with the best equipment on the market


Dealership and wash integration strategy and implementation assist


We handle all the chemical, parts, and marketing material orders. All at a discount to you


Offering 24/7 on-call support for technical and maintenance issues

Do it right the first time and skip the learning curve, we help you get a head start over the competition with a two year accelerator.

Next Steps

The Rainforest Car Wash is a quickly expanding company, and we want you to start your 2nd highest net profit department today! Contact us today to get started.

Our Mission:

To help dealers maximize revenue streams that will carry them into the future of automotive

Our Vision:

To change the way dealerships look at carwashes